Little project made in Game Jam for the 48th edition of the Ludum Dare.

Alice Bruyère : Game Art / Sound Design

SoniaMokt : Game Art /FX

Jeanne Rossat : Game Art / Animator

Etienne Javelle: Game Dev

Rom1 Dubar : Game Design / Help Dev / Sound Design

This is a clicker, in this game you have to dig as deep as possible to get a deeper pool and increase the quality of your resort. 

The game is divided in 3 phases. 

First one, you have to dig by clicking. There is a time limit. 

Second one, you have access to the shop to increase your digging strength. 

Finally, you can see the tourist in your resort enjoying the pool, and you can get bonus money.

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsAlice Bruyere, sonia.mokt, D.rom1, Omadel, Heleien
Made withUnity
TagsClicker, jam, Ludum Dare 48, mobile
LinksLudum Dare


Download 28 MB
Download 24 MB

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